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1Data Shredding Software  v.11.04.01Utilities / File Management$29.00Shareware4.39 Mb
2File Shredding Program  v. / File Management$45.00Shareware1.71 Mb
3SafeIT File Shredding  v.2006Utilities / Encryption$29.95Shareware7.8 Mb
4HShreX - Hybrid Shredding of XML  v.0.4.2Development / MiscellaneousFreeFreeware2.28 Mb
5Photo ID Studio - photo id software, id cards software, security badges software, software for makin  v.2.5Business / Miscellaneous$295.00Shareware4.77 Mb
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1Atom TechSoft File Shredder Tool  v.1.0Utilities / File Management$19.00SharewareDetail

If you want to shred your files or folders then without any hesitation you can download Atom TechSoft File Shredder utility which is really workable app to erase your files or folders

2.26 Mb
2SafeIT File Shredding  v.2006Utilities / Encryption$29.95SharewareDetail

SafeIT File Shredding is an application for permanently removing (shred) files and folders from your computer. The software allows you to completely erase selected information on your hard drive and other memories. The product supports shredding of

7.8 Mb
3Shred1.0  v.1.1Utilities / SecurityFreeFreewareDetail

Shred is a data shredding application that overwrites existing data with zeros, ones and random data before deleting it.

216 Kb
4Erase Data Files  v.11.04.01Utilities / File Management$29.00SharewareDetail

Erase unwanted data files from your system beyond the point of recovery with Kernel File Shredder software. Equipped with highly advanced shredding algorithms, the software efficiently removes unwanted data permanently from your system’s hard drive.

4.39 Mb
5Security Services  v.1.1.5Utilities / Security$15.00SharewareDetail

Security Services is a security app for file/folder encryption, shredding & compression. Features: - Full strength AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) & Triple DES encryption / decryption - "Gutmann" file shredding & name mangling - Free Space

193 Kb
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1Data Shredding Software  v.11.04.01Utilities / File Management$29.00Shareware4.39 Mb

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2Erase Files  v.11.04.01Utilities / File Management$29.00Shareware4.39 Mb

erase files, secure erase, wipe free space, secure delete, document shredding, delete file, delete files, data shredder, how to permanently delete files, data shredding software, delete files permanently

3Black  v.1.1Utilities / Encryption$19.00Shareware542 Kb

protect, encryption, decryption, shredding, hide, shred

4SafeIT File Shredding  v.2006Utilities / Encryption$29.95Shareware7.8 Mb

emails, e-mail, erase, shredding, delete, shred, shredder

5SafeIT Desktop Security Suite  v.2006Utilities / Encryption$39.95Shareware8.9 Mb

shredding, remove, encryption, shredder, secure, attachment, sanitize

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